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Bishop Michael Jones can look back on a mountain of accomplishments. Having attended Detroit public schools, Bishop Jones earned his GED and later attended Wayne County Community College, and William Tyndale Bible College. But not willing to rest on his laurels, he received extensive training and certification in the prophetic ministry from Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, under Bishop Bill Hammond. He also attended the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops in Cleveland, Ohio, under Bishop J. Delano Ellis, and the F.G.B.C.F. College of Bishops.

It seems that the favor of God always followed Bishop Jones and brought him into the presence of powerful, anointed men of God. After meeting Bishop Paul S. Morton, he joined the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, served several years as International Overseer of Ministerial Alliance, and in 1999 was consecrated to the sacred office of Bishop.

The favor continued when in 2010 Bishop Jones became a member of A.I.M., a ministerial fellowship of pastors and churches, after meeting and accepting the mentorship of its leader, Bishop I. V. Hilliard of Houston, Texas.

Over the years, Bishop Jones has not been content to bask in the favor of God for himself alone. No, he has worked tirelessly to share the truths of God with the body of Christ, not only as a Pastor, but also through the National Apostolic/Prophetic School with Apostle Robert E. Joyce of Auburn Hills, MI; through his own R.E.A.L. Men’s Fellowship; and most recently through his new organization, R.E.A.L.M., a teaching/support fellowship for Pastors and Elders in ministry.

The favor of God did not extend to Bishop’s spiritual life only. He and his lovely wife of 49 years, Pastor Brenda Jones, have a blessed family as well: five sons (Minister of Music Michael Jr., Pastor Damon, Minister David, Pastor Matthew and Daniel), five lovely daughters-in-love (Sharlyn, Sara, Naomi, Tamara and Yasmine), and eleven precious grandchildren, Michael III, Malik, Sara Lovelee, Damon Jr., Brooklyn, David Jr., Christian, Mahki, Payton, Paige and Matthew, Jr.

The joy of life consists in the exercise of one’s energies, continual growth, constant change, the enjoyment of every new experience.

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